News and Announcements!


With a new year comes new beginnings, and we want to share with you the BIG 3 CHANGES we are making for 2022!

  1. NEW WAY OF GIVING! We will continue to delightfully support our charity partners, and will now divide our giving equally among each of them, with the exception of the Tunisia candles, for which the donations will ALWAYS go to Cornerstone Shelter in memory of Ibty.
  2. NEW LOOK! You will notice a new look to our labels and branding! We are grateful for feedback and always striving to improve, so we’ve made some tweaks to our look. We will phase in the new branding as we exhaust supply of our original branding, because we hate waste!
  3. NEW VESSEL! This is our biggest change. As we are always looking for ways to streamline our operations and reduce our impact on earth’s resources, we will be changing our small clear jars from the current (rounded 5 oz with cork tops) to clear jars that are the exact model of our amber jars.  We are making this change for 2 reasons.  First and foremost, we will be able to use the same labels and lids for both the amber and clear jars.  Second, when we receive the current clear jars and cork lids, they also come with plastic lids we don’t use.  There is no way to order them without both versions of lids, so have a box filled with hundreds of plastic lids we don’t need. 

We are so thankful for each of you and look forward to an exciting year ahead!